Handyman Contractor in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, & Marietta
Handyman Contractor in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, & Marietta

Roof Repair

We make your Roof Repair easy!

Our Roof Maintenance Package starts at $480.00 & covers:

Up to one bundle of shingles (architectural or 3-tab)

Rain collars on all boots!

Geocel sealant on all exposed nail heads and flashing

And blowing all debris off roof and gutters.

85% of the time, this covers most common problems.

Broken pipe-boot from a roof repair

Repairing the Pipe Boots on your roof!

Pipe boots are the number one reason for most roof repairs.  When they crack, like the one in the picture above, they cause a leak.  This picture shows a 3-tab shingles and pipe boots that have failed.  If the roofer had used geocel sealant to seal the nails, they wouldn’t have rusted and been a point of entry for water.  But, the pipe boot would have still failed, and you’d still need your roof repaired.  3-tab shingles are rated from 20-25 years.  The pipe boot only lasts an average of 10-12.  Had the previous roofer installed rain collars and geocel when they did the roof replacement, these boots would have had a much better chance to last the entire life of the roof.  The Rain Collar protects the boot from the harmful rays of the sun, and saves you from having to replace the entire boot.  As with most things in life . . . doing a roof replacement or roof repair right the first time saves you time and money.

This is how your Pipe Boots should look!

Rain Collars help protect pipe boot underneathProperly installed rain collar


Bad pipe boot / no caulking on nailsno caulking on exposed nails on last cap shingle

On the side of every single bundle of shingles the directions tell you to properly seal all exposed nail heads.  If nail heads aren’t sealed, they rust and become leak points!  That’s why we’ll inspect your entire roof and seal every exposed nail head and with Geocel!   Geocel is a lifetime product (50 years), which is why professionals use it!

Valleys and Flashing

If the previous roofer wasn’t trained by the manufacturer, you may have leaks coming from your valleys or from improperly installed flashing.  Either one of these can be significant!  In the case of a valley, we may have to remove and replace all of the shingles in and around the valley.  Every valley we install will have ice&water shield installed first.  It is a self-sealing, self-adhesive membrane that is the best for stopping water at all leak points!  If it’s the flashing, we may have to remove all the shingles around the flashing, install ice/water shield,  install new flashing, then install new shingles!  And, as I said before, if your new or old roof needs repair, it’s probably because someone didn’t use or install the right products the first time.

Long Story Short;

There are many places on your roof you might need a repair.

If you’d like us to perform a FREE Roof Inspection,

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