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Handyman Contractor in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, & Marietta

Gutters & Gutter Toppers

Seamless 5″ , 6″ , & half-round Aluminum Gutters!

The primary function of a gutter is to keep water properly moved away from your foundation!

If you have leaks or any other issues, please let us come inspect your home and make sure you have proper water management system.

Most homes we look at have 5″ K-style gutters on them.  It economical, and what most builders install.

If you look at the front of them, and see streaking, then they are filling up and overflowing.

While we have the ability to install 5″, we prefer 6″ on most homes.  They are one inch wider, one inch deeper, and let in 40%+ more water.  It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot of water! Combined with our oversized 3×4″ downspouts, water gets out and down with ease.

Water management doesn’t just happen with gutters!

GA building code caught up in 2014 and now when we replace a roof, we install drip edge.  This piece of flashing helps to protect the fascia (wood that holds the gutter), and the soffit (overhang on homes to prevent many different problems including letting your roof breathe).

Gutters get measured to the edge of the shingle

Most homes we look at have at least some rotten soffit or fascia, and that’s why we like to install drip-edge with any gutter system we do!

Drip-edge helps save fascia and soffit rot!

Don’t wait until trees are growing in your gutters to have them cleaned either.

Gutters should be cleaned at a minimum annually, including pressure washing the front face to preserve the durability of the baked on enamel paint finish that comes from the factory.

If you’re sick of cleaning out your gutters, why not get a proper topper system installed?

You can get these from Home Depot and Lowes!

They aren’t lifetime products, but they do a good job and are easy to install.

If you don’t feel like crawling up a ladder, let us to it for ya.

These Amerimax toppers are $5.00 / foot installed.


If you don’t see the downspout neither does the water!

Gutter pitch is important to move water to the downspout.  So is a smooth surface!

Having no standing water in you gutters also helps with mosquitoes!

One of the easiest gutter protection systems to maintain is the Integra gutter system.

The Integra gutter system starts at $16.00 / foot and includes a beefy support system and brand new 6″ seamless gutters.

There’s a lot of other topper systems we can install too.

  We’ve seen how all gutter toppers perform over time and there are pros and cons to all of them.

If you’d like us to come to your home, measure it up, and discuss all your options . . .

Give us a call!