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Handyman Contractor in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, & Marietta

GAF Accessories

GAF accessories dramatically improve

Your roofs longevity & your piece of mind (warranty)!

GAF capping not only correctly color matches to their shingles, but it’s also a lifetime product (with a factory backed warranty) and not the “3-tab” shortcut that others use.

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  GAF Pro-Start Starter Strip

GAF Pro-Start helps lock the perimeter shingles to the decking so they aren’t damaged by wind.  The tar line on the shingle helps keep the shingles locked at the eaves (where your gutter is attached to the fascia) and the rakes (the vertical parts of the roof).  If installed properly, and used in conjunction with other accessories,  starter strip shingles increase the wind warranty significantly . . . up to 130mph!

GAF FeltBuster card

GAF Deck Armor card

GAF synthetic felt acts like a tarp (instead of paper) under your shingles in case they’re blown off by wind.  Synthetic felt paper doesn’t break down.  Organic tar paper does.  We only use synthetic felt.

GAF Weather Watch card

GAF Weather Watch (ice/water shield) helps protect the areas of your roof most prone to leaks by self-sealing.  Weather-Watch is a must in valleys, around pipes and furnace vents, and around your chimney.  It’s self-adhering and self sealing when punctured to help the more vulnerable leak prone areas of your roof.

GAF Cobra Rigidvent III card

GAF ridge-vent when installed properly and balanced with your soffit intake, is one of the best passive ventilation systems on the market.  Ridge vent is the best passive ventilation system you can install (if you have room for enough)!  The very first thing your shingle manufacturer looks for on a warranty claim is proper and balanced intake and exhaust.  If we don’t properly calculate and install them correctly, the lifetime shingles won’t last.  It is critical that your roof breathe right!  When roofs breathe correctly, it not only helps your shingles last but it saves you money on cooling!

GAF Seal-A-Ridge card

 GAF Timbertex Ridgecap card

Proper capping is the only finish that lasts!

If another roofer installs lifetime shingles with anything but real cap,

your roof isn’t lifetime anymore!

Make sure you have the right finish for the look, durability, and warranty you deserve!

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